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The Bees

Bee Potion is an ethical, all natural skincare  and educational company that has sustainability and ecology at the heart of the business.   


Teacher and beekeeper Katharine O'Brien is the founder of Bee Potion and creator of this versatile skincare range. She keeps her bees close, with hives in the garden next to her studio and a further apiary nestled in Hastings Firehills, East Sussex  (an area of outstanding natural beauty).


Katharine also runs educational and therapeutic nature projects from the woodland apiary site, working with local Hastings educational organisations. 

Bee Potion, as well as creating a range of multi-purpose natural skincare products runs holistic educational experiences for  groups all shapes and sizes. Katharine, the Director is now focused on developing their woodland nature classroom and bee apiary and aims to offer subsidised courses for vulnerable children and young people. There are some wonderful rewards too that would make very special Christmas presents.


Bee Potion.

Nourish  your everyday needs. 

Support our planets ecology and help us educate for the future. 



The Beekeeper

Katharine's fascination with bees developed after receiving the 'Bee Bible' as a gift and inspired by what she was reading, Katharine immersed herself into the world of bees. It was a natural progression to combine this fascination with her other passions:  therapeutic nature work, natural cosmetics & working with young people. 

A beauty parlour in the woods in 2008 with teenage girls, making products from beautiful, raw, natural ingredients led to the development of 'Bee Pure', which 10 years later has become an essential beauty staple for all who have tried it. 


The Honey


Katharine  loves her bees and purposely collects only small amounts of honey, ensuring the bees have enough supplies to maintain colony health. The honey she takes is as pure as can be as she does not feed sugar to the colonies to get bigger harvests. This delicious honey is not heat treated which means that the pollen remains and the honey keeps its amazing medicinal qualities. Fortunately for Katharine’s bees there is no agricultural crop farming in a 3 mile radius from where the bees forage.  This means the nectar and the health of the bees is excellent as is the honey they produce. Her Hastings Honey is used in her healing balm, 'Bee Clear'

The Potions

Katharine's versatile, holistic skincare range is created in her garden studio with a little alchemy and a wonderful mix of amazing bee ingredients, skin protein butters,  vitamin rich oils and essential oils.  Each multi-faceted product addresses specific areas in need of love for health and beauty benefits. They are pure concentrated natural ingredients, which are contained in reusable and recyclable glass jars making the product range more sustainable.







BEE PURE: A vitamin rich, hydrating day and night balm for the face and dry patches. 


BEE HEELED: A buttery, protective propolis balm for cracked heels and athletes foot. 


BEE SOOTHED: Combining skin ph correction oils, anti-bacterial propolis for eczema, psoriasis, acne and skin rashes. 


BEE YOUNG: A 3 in 1 cleanse|toner|mask. Anti-aging, for sunkist skin, with collagen boosting algae, aloe and raw honey.


BEE CLEAR: Raw honey, pollen, propolis and rosehip oil; great for coldsores, spots, reducing bites and fine lines.


BEE WARM: A blend of 7 essential oils with arnica and anti-inflammatory hypericum for aches, pains and congestion.


BEE SHINE: The finest protein nourishing hair oils. Use this on frizz & as a protective hair mask. For mens beards too!


The secret is all in the carefully crafted combination of a range of nourishing, healing, bee ingredients which you can read about on our product shop pages. 

The Beecause 2020


By adding Bee Potion to your skincare regime you are directly supporting our BeeCause:

Supporting local, fair-trade bee hives.

Nurturing the bees and their environment

Establishing a Woodland educational retreat with natural hive on site.

Spreading awareness about the bees and a sustainable environment through educational workshops.



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