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 Beeautiful  Together Experiences

Create your own natural organic skincare

Learn how to combine natural  Bee ingredients (Pollen, beeswax, propolis, honey)  with other nutrient, anti-oxidant rich ingredients to create your own nurturing Bee Potion : for example lip-balms, massage candles, skin moisturiser.

Restorative Treatments

Learn how to give and receive a facial massage or a hand reflexology treatment and the benefits of using natural homemade honey rich products based on ancient Egyptian and Mayan cultures.

Bee Wisdom & Health

Anthropology and the hive. Learn how our ancestral sisters used raw honey for well-being and beauty.​

How to create tinctures for health.


Honey wine treats & cocktails. 

Taste the differences between rich African Forest honey and local English honey straight from our hives. To finish our extended Bee Potion workshop, enjoy honey dressed salads,  to honey wine, cocktails for creative treats.

Bee Beautiful Together


Perfect for a special event, team-building, hendo parties or  friend's get together. 

 Held at our beautiful Hastings homes or we can bring the alchemy to you and travel around the south east and London.

Or join us at

The  Boutique hotel, The Galivant

  on February 15th  for a valentines special

& at

 Petersham Nursuries

on Mothers Day, Sunday 22nd March

Bee Blissed & join us. 


"An absolutely huge thank you for a wonderful afternoon spent with you creating the most gorgeous balms and scrubs and also the candles.  Our hens were all entranced by the detail you gave them about your bees.  I have had lots of emails from the girls thanking me for such an instructive day, but also for the fun involved too.  You pitched it all just right - you definitely should do more of these!  You are obviously completely passionate about your hives and this really showed in the care and attention to detail you took in presenting the experience! Thank you so much.  

Alison Smith

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