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—  Sophie Conran, Interior Designer


“Lovley natural bee products & super branding.” 




“I recently used Bee Potion balm with propolis after my puppy scratched my face, right across my lips...quite painful! I put the balm on straightaway, and the next morning I woke up and there was no sign of any scratch or even soreness...I couldn't quite believe it...there must be magic in there!! It is now my turn-to treatment for any skin-care emergency. It also smells gorgeous. Thank you..."

Janet, Marketing Consultant, Hastings



"I have been using Bee Potion cream on the very dry skin on my feet...and it has really helped soothe my skin and help it become less dry....a really great moisturiser...”

Gillian, Environmental Consultant, Penzance

"My husband has not worn flip flops for years due to the terrible cracked heels he gets. Since he has started using Bee Heeled it's been a transformation.  There are products for cracked heels but this one seems to work when none of the others have and its all natural!”    

Jacqui Bury, Training Coach.


"I no longer have spots, Bee Young is really cleanses deeply. The Balm makes my skin soft and smooth. It so natural which is great. The products are so   rejuvenating and hydrating."

Nicole Bloomfield – General Manager Zanibar Hotel Hastings


“I use Bee Young mainly as  a cleanser and a mask, I love the way it makes my skin feel; very nourished and calmed as I have sensitive skin.  Its great to find a product like this. I put Bee Pure anywhere I have rough or irritate skin.  Its very effective and has cleared an eczema flare on my finger.”

Harriet Cotterill  - Interior designer


“I am regularly rubbing Bee Warm on my knees and its been wonderful for my arthritis.  It can’t banish it but it certainly soothes and eases and has the most beautiful aroma.”

Lorn Penman - Grandma

“Bee Warm is an incredible product, it's a natural ibrophen gel. I use it to sooth pain in my herniated disc in my spine. I still run and it relieves cramps and muscle strain in my thighs as well. It smells awesome too. My son gets asthma and understand that the essential oil blend may sooth his breathing.”

Andrew - runner/father

"Bee Warm Muscle Balm - an amazing balm which smells absolutely divine! It soothes my aching knees and lower back pain - I use it at the beginning of the day, before and after exercise. A beautiful product, beautifully packaged. I’m very keen on Bee Potion’s ethos - along with the use of natural, ethical and organic ingredients".

Rachel Ring (Google review)


"I love using Bee Pure as I work outside and my face gets very dry and it keeps my skin nourished. I know I am using a really good product, with good quality ingredients,  with high ethical principles and that matters to me."

Jake Yearsley – Gardener/psychotherapist

“Since discovering Bee Pure, I have not used another moisturising  product on my face. I have super dry and sensitive skin and this feels like a gift from the gods".

 Nicola Bury - HR Manager

"I can categorically say s a typical man I’ve never had the need to use a moisturiser  until I received some for my birthday. I notice how soft and subtle it made my face without making it look greasy".

 Culetulo - Musician/Plumber

"The product has been fantastic. My daughter suffers from quite bad eczema in the winter and the Bee Potion soothes it instantly and the eczema has lessened greatly since we have been using it."

Cora Kieran-Purvis


“ I have used natural products for over a decade and used to work in organic skin care so I’m pretty good at sniffing out the good ones. I can wholeheartedly say that Bee Potion is a great brand. Bee Pure is a great daily moisturiser and the whole family can use it. It worked great as a nappy rash cream when my youngest child was a baby. Thank you for creating such a marvellous product that harnesses the beautiful magic of bees.”

Rachel Heavens - Illustrator

I’ve been using the face and body balm every day for months and it has definitely given me softer and brighter skin. The healing balm is a life saver having soothed and cleared a nasty burn on my face. I bought my husband some muscle balm for his birthday and it really does the job and smells incredible. I’m hooked and will be buying more products in the future. Thanks Bee Potion

Amy Ely (Google review)

"I've been using Bee Pure on my skin for the past month now and it has made such a difference. I suffer with dry skin (especial in the winter) and this has kept my skin feeling lovely and soft with no dry areas! Highly recommend!!"

Robyn Smith (Google review)


“Bee Soothed has been amazing for my gardeners/builders/firefighters hands. Perfect just before bed for maximum soothing."

Paul Oak, - Firefighter.

"I use Bee Soothed on my kids and it works a treat on their eczema. I’ve long been looking for something without any chemicals that will do the trick and this balm clears up the worst eczema within 48 hours. I now use it preventatively and whats best is that it’s the only product that they actually like and don’t mind applying.”

Amy Anderson  - Designer



“Bee Soothed has been amazing for my gardeners/builders/firefighters hands. Perfect just before bed for maximum soothing."

Mr. Griff UK

​"I went along to a Bee Potion event in January, expecting to find nice products mainly as I know BP owner Katherine Slater has wonderful taste and has devoted her life to pursuing her passion for bees and the by-products made from them. I bought a small tub of special hair cream potion, a sort of lighter, more fragrant upmarket hair pomade.Perhaps what I didn’t expect was how amazing this product would be on both mine and my daughters’ hair. It’s divine, smelling of lemon, honey, lavender ( I think) all rolled into one, with a lightness of touch that just makes it very pleasant to use, particularly on (our) Afro hair. Softening and glistening at the same time. Needless to say, it didn’t last very long, with my two five year olds fighting to use it each morning! I look forward to buying a bigger tub next time and heartily recommend this product." 

Helen Bart - Journalist/T.V producer

"Bee Shine is the most Amazing product - having curly hair means that it doesn't tend to look shiny but after using Bee Shine it looks so healthy".

Alby - Woven The Agency


"Very well instructed, suited all learning styles and keys stages and children were focused and engaged. Well resourced and fun".

Teaching Staff - Ticehurst  School

"The girls learnt so much from making their bee potion lipgloss in the woods round the fire. A sublime experience that brought us all together" 

Egg Tooth - Youth intervention 

'Thank you for showing us the bees in the hives, it was amazing. I feel at one with myself and nature, it was so cool"

Lilly Cooper - Mentor/student

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