Bee Clear - Healing Balm
An incredible skin staple with all our bees powerful healing ingredients and our own Hastings honey blended with anti-scarring rosehip oil.

An excellent treatement for hormonal spots
May reduce fine facial lines and scaring.
Use it too to zap coldsores.
May be effective for hay feaver sufferers if applied under nose.
For the beauty regime try it on sunkist skin as a highlighter.
The honey makes it a great anti-burn treatment.

A heavenly honey smell with our antibacterial propolis.
A perfect little gift, so very practical and special
Apothocary glass 30ml
Reuse, reduce and recyle

BEE CLEAR Healing Ointment

  • A precious little pot with a concentrated rich mix of the four bee ingredients: our very own homemade organic rum propolis tincture (antifungal, antibacterial), vitamin rich bee-pollen, healing honey (anti-aging & burn treatment) & moisturising beeswax. Starring some lovely natural rejuvenating oils: ph skin balancing jojoba, & healing rosehip. The ointment is good for: insect bites and sores, scratches, scars & irritable itches, chapped lips & sunburn.  An effective natural healing balm for the the whole family including your pets. 

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