We are extremely proud to introduce our BEE RELAXED aromatherapy massage candles. These sensual candle have been created to give you and your loved ones the most incredibly soothing and uplifting massage experience.


We use fine beeswax, soya, coconut and shea butter with 50 drops of pure essential oil in each candle. Once applied to the skin the wonderful soothing properties which are released through the nourishing oils . We have carefully crafted our signature scents to be a perfect blend of masuline and feminine aromas, that soothe and arouse.


Simply light the candle and apply the oils once burnt directly to the skin.  The wax is not as hot as parafin so will not burn on contact with the skin. The oils are concentrated so a little goes a long way. 


The waxes can be used the for a protective and nourishing hand balm too.


Size: 120ml housed in our amber glass. 

BEE RELAXED Massage Candle: Frankincense, Cedar & Rose


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