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Product Testimonials

"I love using Bee Pure as I work outside and my face gets very dry and this keeps my skin nourished. I know I am using a really good product, with good quality ingredients with high ethical principles & this matters to me".


Jake Yearsley -psychotherapist/gardener


“I recently used Bee Clear with propolis after my puppy scratched my face, right across my lips...quite painful! I put the balm on straightaway, and the next morning I woke up and there was no sign of any scratch or even soreness...I couldn't quite believe it. It's now my turn-to treatment for any skin-care emergency. It also smells gorgeous". 

Janet, Marketing Consultant

"My husband has not worn flip flops for years due to the terrible cracked heels he gets. Since he has started using Bee Heeled its been a transformation. There are products for cracked heels but this one seems to work when none of the others have and its all natural".

Jacqui Bury, Training Coach


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